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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Feel Good Tips to Help you Kick Start the New Year.

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“y”~ John Keats
 1Pamper your body ; with the finest nourishing foods out there and basically learn to enjoy the pleasure of eating slowly.
2Review your diet(s) ; eliminate what you don’t need to be consuming .It is important to understand the link between a healthy body and mental well being.
3Walk ; It is impossible to walk rapidly and be unhappy~ Mother Teresa.
4, Water ; water is life’s mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi.  Nourish and hydrate your body with water every day.
5Bounce ; Yes bounce! I discovered the benefits of bouncing every day and it has no age barrier.  Grab yourself a rebounder it has many great health benefits such   boosting the lymphatic and immune system and it is fun.
  6Find your passion and find a mentor: We learn from those who have been there, done it and worn the t-shirt.
 7, Keep a journal; Yesterday I  was so excited going out just to buy a journal because I know the benefits of keeping one.
8 ,Write down your goals; break them down  into long, medium and short term goals, review them as needed   and don’t forget to take action!
 9, Show gratitude ;Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty ~Doris Day
 10, Think deeply ;  we cannot solve our problems with the same pattern of thinking that created it. Think in order to interject courage, determination and discipline into any situation that needs attending too.
 11, Look for a New hobby ; you mostly likely   would be amazed of what you are capable of
12, Ask yourselves ; what you can do for your community?   I am talking about voluntary work if you are able…. find out how you can help.
13, Rekindle relationships; with old pals mend relationship that may need mending and move on .
14, Forgive ; It a new year  a fresh start .
15, Laugh More ; it  is a universal medicine and  is free.
16, Look in to your spiritual life and continually enrich it as needed, if you don’t have one you could build one.
17, Take Advantage of the New year;  is that it’s an opportunity to make a new start and we have 365 days to do that..  So, Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right ~ Oprah Winfrey
18, Learn;  Mother told me that we learn every day even when we are old.
19, Money Management; I am not an expert in this area but I am sure you will benefit from tapping into resources to help you address this area as needed.
20Save; I have created a habit of sticking money into jars everyday this is aside from putting money into the bank. I am sure we can all do this even if it’s a penny. The Idea is to create a habit of saving.
21, Relax  and appreciate people around you including your family.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

9:22 AM

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

Many people have a lack of responsibility for their life and live blaming others people for their bad condition, justifying, seeking pretexts and even giving up their dreams. They believe that the world is against them and that the “enemy” is outside them, not inside.
  • Are you sabotaging your own efforts with an internal loop of negative direction? Ask yourself these simple questions to find out:
  • Do I often bad talk to myself using words like stupid, ugly, dumb, failure, etc. when describing myself or my abilities?
  • Do I often get close to achieving a goal, only to have “something” happen at the last minute to stop it from happening?
  • Do I procrastinate; putting important tasks off to the very last moment?
  • Am I too tired to try something new?
  • Do I think other people deserve opportunities and accolades more than I do
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you could possibly be sabotaging your own efforts. Take the time now to learn how to speak more kindly to yourself and break that loop of negative programming. Accept the fact you are able to achieve your dreams – and more than that – you deserve to!

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11 Tips to Make Monday Magnificent

7:15 AM

            11 Tips to Make Monday Magnificent

  lets start your journey to Make Monday Magnificent
Make Monday Magnificent
Make Monday Magnificent
  1. Prepare the Night Before😴: The best way to start any day is by planning it at the night before.If you procrastinate,you take little step to active your goal.Big step may fear your and keep you away from your goal
  2. Dress for Success👗: One of the best ways to feel good is to be dressed in attire that makes you feel confident and on top of your game.
  3. Get Plenty of Sleep💤: Make sure you don’t overdue the weekend by staying up late on Sunday night. Getting adequate sleep is the key to starting Monday feeling refreshed.
  4. Wake Up Early⾠: Get rolling a little earlier than usual. By doing this you will be able to take on any surprises the day might have in store for you.
  5. meditation:-meditation is the mind must go for meditation.It will boost your work performance.
  6. Work Out👷: I hate getting up to work out but I have never regretted doing it once I am up and moving. When you’re able to get a workout in in the morning you already feel like you have accomplished something for the week and you haven’t even made it into the office yet.
  7. Have a Positive Attitude💁: This is critical to success in any area of your life. Sometimes on Monday you just need a reminder of the effects of a positive attitude.positive attitude gives you right direction.
  8. Listen to Your Favorite Music👂: Either while you’re getting ready or on the drive to work put in something that makes you want to sing and let those endorphins roll.
  9. Spark Your Day💃: Read for a half hour or listen to something motivating on YouTube or even a podcast of your favorite motivational speaker.
  10. Be Thankful👫: I suggest making sure you put your entries into a gratitude journal once it becomes a habit.It will change your life (I promise).
  11. Prioritize and Tackle the Big Stuff: As Brian Tracy would say “eat that frog!” Whatever it is that is the biggest project start with that and don’t work on anything else until that is finished and it will guarantee a successful week.
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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Solution of Problems in Life

5:56 AM

You are the only person to solve your problem in your life
Solution of Problems in Life
Solution of Problems in Life

“Your problem is not the problem. Your reaction is the problem” is a quote by an anonymous author. After reading this quote, my first thought was – what? If I have a problem then it’s a problem. But on further examination and considerable thought I realized this quote is trying to tell me that how I respond or react to my problem is more important than the actual problem.
If I am confronted by a complication or difficulty how I deal with the situation determines if I am stopped in my tracks or merely presented with a bump in the road.Whatever is the current issue will you even remember it in a week, month, or year? Typically, I have found that stepping back and actually looking at the problem in many cases is half the battle towards solving the complication.
Rather than reacting immediately to what you might currently view as a problem, step back and look at the entire situation. Taking this action will help you determine how best to handle the dilemma. Stepping back or counting to ten before reacting will allow you to proceed to work to eliminate or solve whatever issue is causing concern. Many times looking at a problem from various angles will allow you to see different solutions to the same problem. If this is the case, then you just have to determine which solution is the best for what you would like to accomplish.
Do not allow what potentially is only a bump in your road to escalate into something which will stop you in your tracks. By taking the time to react to your problem with a positive attitude and careful consideration should allow you to reduce many major detours into minor bumps in your path. This thought corresponds to the saying “Do not make a mountain out of a mole hill”. Take the time to analyze what you consider to be your problem before you instantly react and end up with a mountain stopping you in your tracks rather than just a mole hill which you should easily be able to step over as you continue on your way.

In Short

  • first you must analysed the nature of problem without reaction.
  • every problem has solution even when you are in Dilemma,you must look the problem into various dimensions.
  • If you not able to find the solution you can ask your family or friends to overcome from the problem.
  • Try to avoid negative thought/ negative people, they influence you to take wrong decision.
  • Be quit and calm your mind during solving the problems.
  • only calm mind can find the solutions.
  • During solution of a problems you must investigate with clear logical mind, not in emotion.
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Saturday, October 12, 2019

listening a valuable soft skill to master

2:24 PM
Listening as a powerful soft skill
listening a valuable soft skill to master

“A good listener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while he knows something” is a quote authored by the American playwright, Wilson Mizner. As this quote implies, there is much knowledge to be learned from just listening to others. But in order to gain this knowledge one must be willing to listen and allow others to speak.
The ability to listen and encourage others to speak is a valuable soft skill to learn. Most people appreciate an individual who has the ability to listen, absorb what has been said and then be able to respond with a meaningful comment. Good listeners are typically more popular and thus have more friends than an individual who continually dominates a conversation.
Have you ever noticed that individuals who are willing to listen are generally more knowledgeable than individuals who are constantly talking? Many individuals have a unique talent for talking and gain great pleasure from all the attention. Unfortunately, these conversationalists rarely end up saying anything of value to anyone other than themselves.
As the quote states, listening provides an excellent means to gain knowledge as well as a multitude of other things. Listening presents an opportunity to develop patience and tolerance while potentially being provided with a new perspective and point of view. In the past, listening to others has revealed various viewpoints that I had not considered. Standing back and listening allowed me to analyze the situation from various angles which resulted in me arriving at a solution to the problem – all from listening!
There have been many occasions when I did not feel as though I had anything of importance to add to a conversation so rather than just talking to hear myself speak I just listened. Fortunately, these moments typically yielded at least one tidbit of valuable information all because I listened rather than throwing my two cents worth in. So try to listen more and gather friends as you gain more knowledge without expending the effort to speak.

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Motivational quotes ans success quotes by successful people

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Friday, October 4, 2019

Visualization is the most important foundation of success.

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Visualization is the most important foundation of success. lets we discuss how Visualization help us to get success.


  • You first have to find out what it is that you truly want love, respect, wealth,success etc. Second, you have to believe that these things are already yours. See yourself as having that loving  with good relationship. 
  • Visualize yourself being respected and admired by people. Know that you are bringing home a million and million dollars in a year.
  • Third, you must create a plan and mile stone to bring these things into your life one action step at a time.

Wanting, desiring, wishing,believing these are all important parts of achieving your dreams. But participating in the realization of your dreams by taking action says, "Hey, I believe that what I want is possible so now I'm moving forward to get it!" You are showing that you have decided what you want and deserve, and that you have identified to take necessary action for attaining your dreams and desires.

In the beginning, taking action may seem a little scary and time consuming . You'll probably feel boring when you take that first step. You may even think the fear will stop you, at some point. But think of how you would feel if you never tried. If that doesn't convince you, close your eyes and imagine the happiness of seeing your dreams realized! There you are in your new home, or your fulfilling relationship, or getting what you want!

Don't be surprised when fear shows up before you take action. say it with a smile , "Hello, I figured you'd probably be showing up." Then turn your back to it and take that step anyway. You will be rewarded for your decisive action.If you fail to take action then take vary little action contentiously and give yourself a target every day.If you are not able concentrate or focus on your goal then do meditation. we will discuss about the mediation with details in next post.