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Friday, August 16, 2019

A New Start by Stuart Goldsmith-Believing in yourself. Believing that you can

A New Start by Stuart Goldsmith

Stuart Goldsmith
Stuart Goldsmith

This book is about belief. Believing in yourself. Believing that you can have more, that you deserve more.
A few years ago, I didn't believe.
I didn't believe in myself enough to get the things that I really wanted. I thought that those things were for other people - a nice house, a good quality car. At best I thought (if I did think about it at all), that one day, at some distant, undefined time in the future, I might have a few of those things. But not many. I was jogging along, working for a major U.K. Corporation, underpaid and with no hope of promotion. I was renting a flat and driving a beaten-up old car which would hardly pass its road- worthiness test. My love-life was a mess and my bank balance was very red.
Financially I was just holding my life together; the same as most people.
I received weekly letters from the bank demanding repayment of my unauthorized overdraft. There was no hope of promotion at work, and hence no hope of a salary increase.
I was also enmeshed in a deeply unhappy relationship from which I couldn't seem to escape.
Does this story sound a bit like yours? At least in places?
Don't worry, there are millions of people in this country with a very similar tale to tell.
About this time, someone gave me a 'Positive Thinking' book. I don't remember the title, but I do remember that when I read it I was very sceptical.
That book had a very simple message. The message was this:
This sounded so ridiculously simple, that my first reaction was to laugh it off, and forget the money that I had spent on that book. But something kept nagging away at me; I couldn't seem to get that simple message out of my mind. I ended up reading the book several times over.
The idea was so simple; yet it had a ring of truth about it.
Could it really be so easy? Was there a way that I could apply this principle and improve my own circumstances?
After reading and re-reading that book, I decided that I had nothing to lose. It wasn't actually going to cost me anything to try this idea. I wasn't being asked to send in any more money or invest capital in a 'Get Rich Quick' scheme; I was merely being asked to believe; to have faith in myself. I figured that it couldn't be a bad thing to have faith in myself, regardless of whether or not I got rich at the end of it.
I also knew that if these principles could work for me, then they could work for anyone; because I had almost nothing! I was in exactly the same situation as most people. If, by putting these principles to work, I could start from nothing and get even a fraction of the things that I wanted, then I must be onto a winner!
From that moment on, there was no stopping me. I read every book about 'Positive Thinking' that was going. Some were terrible, some were very good; but all were lacking in something.
Even at this early stage, before I had applied the principles of 'Positive Thinking'; I thought to myself, "If this works, I'm going to write my own book and pass on my experiences." In a sense I was using myself as a guinea- pig. If these principles could work for me; they could work for anyone!
What Did I Do?
During the following months, I put together my own system of success through Positive Thinking, (this is the Midas Method, the system which I am going to share with you in this book). I then put that system to work, using myself as a human guinea-pig. I made a lot of mistakes in those early months, but gradually I evolved a system which started to bring unbelievable results for me. When I first realized the potential of this system, I felt as though I had discovered a secret formula, a formula which, if it worked, could lead to huge success for me; and if it failed...well, I wouldn't have lost much.
Over the next few years I fine-tuned the Midas Method to bring HUGE personal benefits for myself, I felt as though everything I touched turned to gold!
The Result?
It took me eight years. Now I drive the car I want, (a BMW worth £30,000.) I live in a house worth £1,000,000, my net assets are in excess of ten million pounds.
That's not bad going for eight years is it?
But I think that's a long time! Remember, I was developing the Midas Method as I went along; you don't have to do this. I will hand you the method on a plate! You won't have to waste valuable time developing a system from scratch like I did - you could achieve your goals in far less time if you wanted to.
How Did I Do It?
Now this is the important point. I want you to trust me and believe what I am now going to tell you:
I achieved my ten million pounds (and all the other things), by using my own system which I call the Midas Method. This is the system outlined in this book. I did not, (as in a lot of 'Get Rich Quick' books), have a helping hand up from anyone.
Nobody left me a penny. I have no special talents or abilities, (although I have my fair share, just like you). I wasn't 'lucky' in the sense that I discovered that my house was built on an oil well, or that I gambled money and won. I've had my fair share of good and bad luck over the last eight years - just like you.
Starting with a large overdraft, I achieved everything that I have today by simply changing my beliefs. By believing that I deserved these things. By believing that it wasn't just other people who made money or got the good things in life - by believing that I could do it if I really wanted to. That's all.
It's that simple. This is the only major 'secret' I am going to impart to you in this book.
The rest of the book is devoted to convincing you that what I say is true.
Why do I need to convince you? Because if you genuinely believed what I said, you would already be well on the way to having everything you wanted. You would not need this book, and you probably would not have bought it.
The very fact that you are reading this book means that you probably don't have everything you really want. I'm telling you that the main thing stopping you from having everything that you really want is BELIEF. You can have it if you believe that you deserve it.
What this book does is to batter away at your disbelief and scepticism until you are at least at the point where you will try my system. If you will only trust me enough to try, then I'll lead you step-by-step to the stage where you won't need faith that what I say is true; you will know for yourself. How? Because I guarantee results every step of the way. By getting positive results - by seeing the system working - you will start to believe.
It's this step-by-step approach which makes the Midas Method so effective. Why? Because you get results every step of the way. You can see the system working with your own eyes and you are not asked to accept too much on blind faith.
For example, take the following statement:
Do you believe this statement? The chances are that you don't (at this stage). So what would be the point in me telling you to recite this over and over again until you believed it? You wouldn't! You would just get bored and give up; then you would put this book on the bookshelf and forget it! That's not what I want.
I want you to succeed. I want you to have all the things you deserve. I achieved everything I ever wanted by using this system and this system alone. Don't let your scepticism and disbelief stand between you and success.
Harmful Beliefs
You probably believe (quite strongly) that there are all sorts of things standing between you and a large amount of money. (I use money as an example, you might want something else.)
You probably believe that all or some of these things stand in your way:
1) Age: ("I'm too old/young.")
2) Sex: ("It's tough if you're a woman/man.")
3) Background: ("I never had a chance.")
4) Physical abilities: ( "With my wooden leg? Forget it!")
5) Luck: ("I never get the breaks.")
6) Education: ("I was in my first job at thirteen.")
7) Race: ("It's hard if you're Black/Chinese/Asian etc.")
If you hold such strong beliefs (and the chances are that you hold at least a few of these); I would be wasting my breath just telling you that you are wrong!
You will only change your belief if I give you the evidence to allow you to change your belief. My step-by- step approach gives you the evidence you need to prove that the Midas Method works. Armed with the evidence, you will then believe in the system.
This is where all the other systems go wrong. They ask you for too much faith, too early. The result is that people get bored and give up.
They might try the system a few times out of curiosity, or, if they are particularly diligent and hard-working, they might try for a few weeks, but the end result is the same for most people - they give up.
Perhaps that is what the authors intend; that way no-one asks for their money back!
The Midas Method leads you step-by-step through a series of exercises which prove beyond doubt that belief can indeed work wonders. In fact I guarantee results - fast, and every step of the way.
You will be given a series of small, achievable tasks and be asked to apply the system to them. These tasks will easily bring results in weeks or even days. When you have proved (to yourself), that the Midas Method works for these small tasks, then you will move onto larger goals.
If you follow my instructions faithfully, I guarantee that the results will be little short of miraculous!
Starting from NOTHING, I obtained a TEN MILLION POUNDS using only the secrets divulged to you in this book. I obtained a great many more things besides. For example, I only work two or three days a week 'making money', the rest of the time is mine to do with as I please - I don't have to work at all if I don't feel like it!
If I can do this, starting with an overdraft, I KNOW that you can - because there is nothing 'special' about me.
It's all very well if someone tells you how they made a million after 'Daddy' left them half a million! Anyone could do that! It is also interesting, but irrelevant, if someone who is a brilliant inventor, or a financial genius, makes a million. Good for them! But where does that leave the ordinary person like you and I?
If you are in anything like the position I was in, then you'll probably have almost no spare money (perhaps a few hundred if you sell some things!) and you probably are not absolutely brilliant at any one thing. You are exactly the sort of person this book is aimed at. Forgive me for categorizing you, but I wrote this book for the normal, ordinary person who has a genuine desire to obtain everything they have ever wanted. It CAN be done; I know, because I did it!
You are on your way to an exciting new life. A life where you can achieve ALL of the things you want to achieve; where wealth, success and happiness are within your grasp. Will you reach out with me now and take them?
  • Extracted from the book 'The Midas Method' by Stuart Goldsmith
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