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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Beating Laziness and Building Self Discipline

How to Make the Best of My Method for Beating Laziness and Building Self Discipline

Beating Laziness 
 I told you about a method .I use to avoid laziness and build my self discipline (it can also be used to break bad habits)…
Well, after experimenting with it for a while I’ve had a few thoughts to share with you, to help you make the best use of it…
(If you have no idea what this is about click the link above to read (and listen) to that post.)

1. You really need to say it. Maybe not out loud (although it’s probably better), but you do need to build a clear and complete sentence. A vague thought that runs quietly in the back of your head won’t do the trick.
2. It works best when you have a plan – either a to-do list (in the case of laziness and procrastination) or an alternative action (in the case of bad habits).

Let’s say that you’re trying to avoid drinking alcohol in the afternoon. You should have an alternative action “in stock”, ready for the time you’d feel like drinking…
…so you could say something like: “I now choose to drink beer, instead of orange juice, because…”
(In this case, like in many others, your alternative should be ready not only in your mind, but also in the fridge )
3. You need to make a real decision, and be as detailed and specific as possible:

The wrong way…
“I decide to keep laying around instead of doing something else because I feel like it.”

The right way…
“I now decide to lay down for another 30 minutes, instead of cleaning up the house, because I feel that I really need the rest, and nothing would happen if I start cleaning up half an hour from now.”

Still on this point, “I feel like it” is not a good reason. If you get stuck on a movie, you could say “…because this looks like a good movie and I think I’m going to enjoy it”.
When you have a complete thought like that, it forces you make a real decision. It makes you use real judgment, instead of acting “uncontrollably” or irrationally.
(In the movie example, you might find out, like I have many times, that not only you’ve already seen the movie, it’s not even a good one!)

There you have it. As I said before, don’t underestimate the power of this method.

I could go on and on trying to explain how and why it works in terms of psychology, but to be honest… well, “I decide to be lazy” this time

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