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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Bullying In Schools Is Dangerous

When students go to school, parents have their minds focused on helping them develop cognitively and becoming important people in the society. The teaching environment helps to make them understand the realities or life and develop crucial skills necessary for latter development. Here are the main reasons why bullying in schools is very dangerous and should be fought at all cost.

A child’s success in academics and even later careers is dependent on how aggressive he is during the school years. Bullying however works against this development and completely locks the potential for a child. Your young learner will develop fear that will compromise his ability to try activities that are necessary in identifying the right careers. This will be manifested in poorer grades that will compromise even the child’s ability to pursue specific career in a given institution.

If your child is bullied and the problem not addressed in totality, chances that he will also become a bully. A number of learners who suffer bullying silently either because of lack of support from parents or schools often become bullies and revenge later. This cycle is dangerous because your child will divert his minds to harassing others and spend more time in office after being reported to administration.

Some bullying can cause change of behaviour in your kid. If the bully is using cyber space and sends explicit and materials, your child might shift his main focus from education to such materials. With time, it will no longer be a problem of simply bullying, but how to practice what is being demonstrated in pictures and videos. This is how problems such as gang rapes develop in the society. Do not wait until to get unaware when you realize that your child is part of a local gang involved in dangerous activities in your area.
Bullying In Schools
Bullying In Schools 

Some bullies are violent and can result to bodily harm. This is the case when the harassment has advanced to higher levels or bullies have forced into a gang. Your child might get physically hurt and force you to use a lot of money and time seeking medical help. If this is used as a trigger to look for remedies, chances are that more time will be lost following the bully either through the school administration or using legal methods. Do not wait until things get this far, make sure to identify signs and counter the problem using bullying support services as early as possible.

If you do not address the problem of bullying in learning institutions, you are likely to get into a big problem in future. Even if your child is not bullied, he understands and sees when the harassment is being done. With time, your child might become a bully and get into conflict with the law. It is therefore critical to carefully follow and establish what your child does when in school and away. If you realize he is a bully or slowly developing into one, make sure to seek a counsellors’ assistance to avoid worse situations such as incarceration. Bullying is s problem that cannot be simply wished away, it has to be handled right away to protect all children.
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