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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Famous money quotes from the rich

Famous money quotes fromthe rich - and the not so rich ...
Famous money quotes from the rich
Famous money quotes from the rich

An inspirational collection of money quotations, funny, cute and outrageous quotes ...
and money proverbs.

The real measure of our wealth is how much we'd be worth if we lost all our money.
J.H. Jowett
No one can possibly achieve any real and lasting success or get rich in business by being a conformist.
J. Paul Getty
Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune.
James Rohn
People who work sitting down get paid more than people who work standing up.
Odgen Nash
I don't want to make money. I just want to be wonderful.
Marilyn Monroe
You don't get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to an hour.
James Rohn
The darkest hour in any man's life is when he sits down to plan how to get money without earning it.
Horace Greeley
Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you can't get more time.
James Rohn
Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
The rule is not to talk about money with people who have much more or much less than you.
Katherine Whitehorn
Security isn't what the wise person looks for; it's opportunity.
Earl Nightingale
Here's what would be pitiful ... if your income grew and you didn't.
James Rohn
The glow of one warm thought is to be me worth more than money.
Thomas Jefferson
Capital as such is not evil; it is its wrong use that is evil. Capital in some form or other will always be needed.
Mohandas K. Gandhi:
Money often costs too much.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. There is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more a man has, the more he wants. 
Instead of its filling a vacuum, it makes one.
Ben Franklin
You cannot motivate the best people with money. Money is just a way to keep score. The best people in any field are motivated by passion.
Eric S. Raymond
It is funny about life: if you refuse to accept anything but the very best you will very often get it.
W. Somerset Maugham
Can anybody remember when the times were not hard and money not scarce?
Ralph Waldo Emerson
You have reached the pinnacle of success as soon as you become uninterested in money, compliments, or publicity.
Thomas Wolfe
Often people attempt to live their lives backwards; they try to have more things, or more money, in order to do more of what they want, so they will be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are, then do what you need to do, in order to have what you want.
Margaret Young
When it's a question of money, everybody is of the same religion.
With money in your pocket, you are wise and you are handsome and you sing well too.
Yiddish Proverb
When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost.
Billy Graham
Money is like manure. You have to spread it around or it smells.
J. Paul Getty
Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.
Woody Allen
When money is seen as a solution for every problem, money itself becomes the problem.
Richard Needham
We estimate the wisdom of nations by seeing what they did with their surplus capital.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
On packing: Lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then, take half the clothes and twice the money.
Susan Butler Anderson
Poverty is a way of living and thinking, and not just a lack of money or things.
Eric Butterworth
Success produces success, just as money produces money.
Diane Ackerman
A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain.
Robert Frost
You aren't wealthy until you have something money can't buy.
Garth Brooks
To fulfill a dream, to be allowed to sweat over lonely labor, to be given a chance to create, is the meat and potatoes of life. The money is the gravy.
Bette Davis
Investing is simple, but not easy.
Warren Buffet
Fame is a vapor, popularity is an accident, money takes wings, those who cheer you today may curse you tomorrow. The only thing that endures is character.
Horace Greeley
If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.
Henry Ford
Money can't buy you happiness, but it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery.
Spike Milligan 

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