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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Find Happiness

How to Find Happiness

Help your Child Learn to be Happy!

Find Happiness
Find Happiness

Parents often wonder what they can do to help their children be happy and well adjusted. Unfortunately, children today deal with more pressure and stress than previous generations with more and more children experiencing depression and anxiety as a result of this.
Children often do not know how to deal with their feelings leading to an increase in anxiety in young children. It is important to talk to your child if you believe that something is bothering him or her. Allowing a child to speak their feelings and share their concerns with an adult that they trust can often decrease their anxiety and help them to handle their problems in a positive manner.
Helping your son or daughter to relax is a great way to increase their happiness as well. Incorporate relaxing music such as classical or nature sounds into their relaxation time to help to calm the nerves, relax the mind and help the child to gain inner focus and control. Music has been shown to dramatically help a child with relaxation and overall well-being leading to an increase in happiness. A few minutes a day is enough to help a child to develop a lifelong pattern of relaxation for emotional stability and overall stress relief.

Positive Influences

Provide your son or daughter with a positive influence by being positive and optimistic. Children have their own personality; however, a great deal of their emotional wellbeing and ability to stay positive and optimistic comes from the behaviors and actions of their parents. Help your child feel connected to their community, family and friends in order to give them a feeling of being part of a group that loves, acknowledges and understands them. A little one that feels connected to their family and community is much less likely to have negative feelings such as stress and anxiety due to an increased self-esteem.
The most important thing that a parent can to help their child to develop long-term happiness is to allow them to experience disappointment in the short term so that they do not expect their every need and want to be met. Attempting to make your son or daughter happy all of the time will result in long-term expectations that are not suited to the real world.
Help your child to understand that negative emotions such as anger, sadness and disappointment are normal feelings and help them to work through these feelings so that they are well suited for the real world as they reach adolescence and adulthood. Teaching your child how to find happiness is an invaluable skill.