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Monday, August 5, 2019

Goal Setting Worksheets Part II - SMART Goals

Goal Setting Worksheets Part II - SMART Goals
Goal Setting
Goal Setting 

SMART goals is the second of our goal setting worksheets. For your convenience, to get started right away, you can print this page.
SMART is an acronym signifying the set of standards your goals must follow in order for them to be well thought out and achievable. SMART goals are also "smart" in that they outline productive goal setting guidelines.  
  S - Specific - Answers "what, when, where, why, who is involved" - You must detail every aspect of what you're seeking to achieve. For example, if you want a new house, detail what that house would look like, when you would like to obtain it, where the house would be located, why you want to have that house (bigger, newer, etc.), and who would be involved with you (likely your spouse and children).

M - Measurable - Can your progress be assessed? If your goal is to lose weight, how much weight would you lose? You must have a clear-cut way to know when your goal is achieved.

A - Attainable - Can these goals be reached based on your current situation? Although you want to set your goals high so you will have to stretch to reach them, you don't want them to be impossible to reach within the time frame you have set. If you are wanting to become a millionaire within two months, for example, but you have a job paying $50,000 per year with no money saved, this goal is not realistically attainable within two months.

R - Realistic or Relevant - Do you truly believe you can accomplish these goals? Are they relevant to what you want to achieve in life?

T - Timely or Time Sensitive - You need to have a deadline for reaching your goal. If you want to lose 50 pounds, how soon can you reasonably achieve this goal? Make the time frame a challenge, but make it realistic. It's unrealistic and unhealthy to expect to lose 50 pounds in one month, for example.

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