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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

How to be more Resilient-8 Ways to Develop Resilience

                            How to be more Resilient

How to be more resilient
How to be more resilient
How to be more resilient – resilience is an important aspect of a person’s character and personality, it also can go a long way in making life easier during the ups and downs of day to day living. Read on to find eight things you can do to help develop the resilience and dedication you need to be successful in life.
Build Self Esteem
Self esteem is important and can be one of the first lines of defense during difficult times in life. Building self esteem does not happen overnight, it takes time and work. Surrounding yourself with people who build you up rather than tear you down can help build your self esteem.
Accept ChallengesHow to be more resilient – You will face difficulties and challenges in life. You cannot avoid them. So rather than stressing and worry about them, use them as an opportunity to grow, learn, and better yourself.
Be Friendly to Others
Being friendly makes you easier to get along with, causes people to be nicer, and will also help you feel better about yourself. So be as friendly as possible, even in less than perfect situations and even when people are not nice to you. It will help you build the resiliency you want.

Take Care of Your Body
From the food and drink you put into it, to the way you work and play, you need to take care of your body. When your body is healthy and strong so is your spirit, mind, and body!
Laugh As Much as You CanSpiritual teachings around the world speak of the importance laughter. Science has shown that laughter, joyfulness, and a positive outlook can go a long way in helping you build resilience, patience, and strength.
Give to OthersWhether it is time, money, talents, or other resources, when you help others without expecting anything in return it does something to your spirit. It helps you feel better and gives you a sense of purpose and value and helps you be involved in something bigger than yourself.
Establish Goals That are AttainableGoals are great to have but you need to make sure they are not too extreme. Having the goal to lose 100 pounds is good, but you need smaller goals that are attainable. If your goals are set too high it can become discouraging when you work for weeks or months and never reach them. So to build your resiliency make sure you have smaller goals that lead to your main goal.
Have HopeBeing optimistic and hopeful can go a long way in helping you be resilient. As long as you have hope, you can overcome anything and keep pressing on. So keep the hope alive in all of your work and all of your goals.
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