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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Interpersonal Soft Skills

                                 Interpersonal Soft Skills

Interpersonal soft skills, or people skills, are our abilities to communicate, work, and influence others. Although one can be a great worker, if he or she is unable to work with others, it can create many problems in the workplace that hinders him or others around him from being productive. Not only that, having someone who lacks many of the interpersonal soft skills in the workplace can create an uncomfortable environment to work in.
Most people tend to have great skills on some of the interpersonal soft skills but lack in other skills. Below, this is the list of most of these soft skills that are necessary in many occupations.

Interpersonal Soft Skills
Interpersonal Soft Skills
List of 12 Interpersonal Soft Skills
  1. Coaching – being able to mentor others to lead an individual or a group into a right direction
  2. Communication – effectively communicating one’s thoughts verbally and non-verbally
  3. Facilitation – ability to coordinate group discussions well to get a clear idea of people’s perspectives
  4. Interviewing – whether one is interviewed or interviewing, creating a good open communicative environment
  5. Leadership – leading others positively by example, by clear directions, and encouragements
  6. Management – having organizational skills to create a well performing group of people
  7. Networking – having ability to draw people in to want to work together with you
  8. Persuasion – ability to influence others’ decisions and opinions to buy into a product or an idea
  9. Presentation – having professional look or speech in order to have a desired outcome
  10. Relationship – even in difficult situations or with a difficult person, one’s ability to work well and stay calm
  11. Respect – being considerate of others, treating them equally, and regarding their values
  12. Teamwork – ability to work together with other people and collaborate to accomplish goals

It may seem too difficult to improve upon one or more of these aspects in your life, but the important thing is not to try to do everything at once, but to start small and be diligent. Two of the top ten reasons for quitting a job are because of bad relationship with the boss and bad relationships with the co-workers. If you can hone your interpersonal soft skills, you may actually create an environment where you don’t feel like you have to quit this good job because of other people around you.

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