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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Overcoming Fears and Phobias


Overcoming Fears and Phobias

Do your phobias create a compelling desire to avoid whatever it is you’re afraid of? You are quite aware that the situation may not even be dangerous, yet it seems like a nightmare.
Self hypnosis offers a tried and true way to help in overcoming fears.
Your legs suddenly get weak…
You breathe a little heavier…
Your heart skips a beat…
These are just a few of the physical reactions you may experience. You may also notice that your mouth gets dry or your stomach gets that hollow feeling.
The physical symptoms may be different for you but the results are the same.

Your phobias are holding you back by keeping you from doing things you want to do.

Overcoming fears will allow you to be more
confident in these situations.
Phobias are triggered by some event, real or imagined, usually during a very intense emotional state.
It’s true when they say that art reflects life.
The reverse is also true. Life reflects art. Our fears and beliefs are often shaped by what we see in movies and the media.
These fears can also be inspired by real life situations. Perhaps during a camping trip, you found spiders in your sleeping bag and arachnophobia was created.
Maybe you were on an airplane and heard some unexplained noise at the very same moment there was heavy turbulence and the fear of flying developed.
As a child, you might have visited a skyscraper during vacation. Just as you peered out over the ledge to look all the way down, your brother gave you a push and a fear of heights took root.
These are just a few examples of the root cause for the fear. The fear typically takes root during a heightened emotional state or experience. The fear enters your unconscious mind and is accepted as fact. 
FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.”

If you suffer from a phobia, you may have tried some home remedies. You may have simply tried to avoid any circumstance where you might have to face your fear. Of course, you know this doesn’t work in the long run. This is because your conscious mind is still focused on the source of the fear.
The use of positive thinking is another home remedy. It's one that's not too helpful. The problem with positive thinking is that there is always a little voice telling you it isn’t true.
That voice is the unconscious mind and it doesn’t believe you.
Positive thinking just tries to cover up negative thinking but the negative thinking is still in your underlying unconscious mind.
PhobiasThese self prescribed remedies just don’t work because fears live in your unconscious mind and you are unable to consciously overcome it.
Fortunately, there is something that does work.
Hypnosis has been used very successfully to help people in overcoming fears.
With hypnosis, you are able to bypass the conscious mind and change the beliefs in the unconscious mind to those that are more useful.
During a personal hypnosis session, the client, guided by the hypnotist will discover the root cause of the phobia. The root cause is then reframed so that the lesson is learned while the emotion is minimized. We have a new way of looking at it. We have put a new frame around it.
Post hypnotic suggestions reinforce the lesson. As long as these suggestions are accepted by the unconscious mind, they will be effective.

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