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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Overcoming procrastination-self motivation

Your First Step to Overcoming Procrastination


There are many techniques that you can apply to build your motivation, overcome procrastination and start taking action …
You can read books and listen to motivational programs all day long … many people do that and get little to no results. In a minute you’ll know why …
Let me share just one little tip that (if you only apply it) would be worth more than a hundred “success books”…
It can boost your motivation instantly, force you to stop procrastinating and push you to take persistent action toward achieving your goals…
All you have to so is make a small shift in how you perceive your life…
You simply have to - Get Uncomfortable!
In other words – you need to step out of your “comfort zone”. And you know what? You can do it in an instant. Seriously. This small shift in thinking can have a huge effect on your motivation and productivity.
But who says I’m in my “comfort zone”!?
Well, let’s see. Are you persistently taking massive action on your goals? Think carefully.
If the answer is yes, then great, you can stop reading…
Still with me? Good. Now let me tell you something. Everything in your life is exactly the way you want it to be, at least on a subconscious level. No arguments. Just accept it as fact. (OK, you know what? At least everything that you can control or influence in some way. That’s just about everything.)
Now, I’m not saying that you are totally happy and that everything in your life is going just the way you want. What I CAN say is that if you tend to procrastinate and lack the motivation to take massive action toward your goals, it’s because you’re somewhat comfortable with the way things are.

Even if sometimes you feel stuck. Even if on some days you hate how your life has turned out…
…You’ve reached a point of some kind of balance, where not everything is right, but it’s not all too bad either. You can live with it. It’s familiar, predictable, manageable. The good AND the bad. And since you’re trying to “be positive” and get the most out of what you’ve got, you tend to accept it all, at least on a deeper level.
So should I be unhappy in order to achieve my goals?
Of course not! I’m not saying you should start feeling sorry for yourself. I’m not saying you should feel miserable. Completely the opposite…
You should feel content and thankful for everything that is good in your life. Really appreciate what you’ve got. Enjoy it. Be happy! But still, you have to change your point of view just a little bit, and say:
“Time to take it up a notch. My life is great, but it’s time to reach for the next level.” (This is just to give you an idea, but you need to be more specific.)
So here’s what you do:
Define an area of your life where you feel “stuck”.
Admit to yourself that the reason is that you feel comfortable with the way things are.
Make the decision to feel uncomfortable about it, and…
… Take Action

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