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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Personal Soft Skills

Personal Soft Skills are those we can work to improve ourselves in any working environment. Having personal soft skills are necessary because although this does not effect others directly, by having them can indirectly influence others and make you a more valuable worker at your workplace. For example, if you are a leader of a team, having integrity and positive attitude will not only cause you to be productive and happy, but others will see this and feed off on that energy.
These are a list of 12 personal soft skills.
Personal Soft Skills
Personal Soft Skills

List of 12 Personal Soft Skills
  1. Adaptability – being flexible to possible changes that occur
  2. Awareness – observing the situation to understand what needs to be done
  3. Confidence – believing in oneself to accomplish a goal
  4. Good Attitude – being optimistic and positive in any circumstances
  5. Integrity – having morals and being honest and ethical
  6. Initiative – being a self-starter without being asked
  7. Patience – keeping calm and thinking through even though others are rushing
  8. Presentation – speaking, dressing, and acting professionally
  9. Resilience – being able to persevere even through difficult times
  10. Responsibility – being accountable for the work
  11. Self-Control – having complete control over ones emotions and desires in order to keep a professional environment
  12. Time Management – finishing task within the designated time, being punctual, and productive

It is quite important to have self-awareness of yourselves and determine which are your strengths and which are your weaknesses. Also, we should never underestimate how others can recognize this about ourselves even though we don’t think others are looking. Understand that improving ourselves in the workplace can improve that workplace’s environment significantly. By refining your own soft skills, you may even start to like your job even more because you made that difference.

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