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Friday, August 16, 2019

Positive Attitude Quotes by Robert Kiyosaki

Positive Attitude Quotes by Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki
Robert Kiyosaki
"The main reason people struggle financially is because they have spent years in school but learned nothing about money. The result is that people learn to work for money but never learn to have money work for them."
"The price for becoming rich by being cheap is that you still wind up being cheap. And living life as a rich but cheap person is, in my opinion, a very expensive price to pay."
"The price of something is not always measured in money."
"There are many people who think positive thoughts, but they think those thoughts inside a loser's context."
"I believe we need to better educate and better prepare people for the Information Age, the age where we all need to know a lot more about money.The age where we all need to be more financially responsible and depend less on a company or government to take care of us when our working days are over. If you want to retire young and retire rich, you will need a better plan than most people have."
"Take responsibility for your finances or take orders all your life. You're either a master of money or a slave to it."
"The rich buy assets. The poor only have expenses. The middle class buys liabilities they think are assets. The poor and the middle class work for money. The rich have money work for them."
"Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow."
"The poor, the unsuccessful, the unhappy, the unhealthy are the ones who use the word tomorrow the most."
"Money is kind of a base subject. Like water, food, air and housing, it affects everything yet for some reason the world of academics thinks it's a subject below their social standing."
"The only difference between a rich person and poor person is how they use their time."
"A lot of people are afraid to tell the truth, to say no. That's where toughness comes into play. Toughness is not being a bully. It's having backbone."
"Academic qualifications are important and so is financial education. They're both important and schools are forgetting one of them."
"We go to school to learn to work hard for money. I write books and create products that teach people how to have money work hard for them."
"You don't have to go to war to develop your own leadership skills. All you have to do is take on challenges that others run away from."
"Unfortunately, winning the lottery is how many Americans say they plan on becoming rich. Living your life with odds of one in a hundred million is a very high price to pay."
"Just because you may be poor today does not mean you have to be poor tomorrow."
"Parents have become ATM machines to their children."
"We are happy to encourage people to learn cooperatively - to teach each other - because the more we teach, the more we learn."
"The only way a child knows what the words hot stove mean is by touching a hot stove."
"Family problems begin when the parents begin to impose their winning formula on the child without first respecting the child's formula."
"Financial education is the education required to turn the money you earn from your profession into lifelong wealth and financial security."
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