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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

public speaking for success-the art of public speaking

                               public speaking for success

public speaking for success
public speaking for success
public speaking for success
You Can...
  • Stand before an audience without fear. Fear paralyzes and prevents you from doing all of your best.
  • Let your ears flood with compliment once compliment regarding your great speaking.
  • Wow the crowd with your content.
  • Hear the audience laugh and have fun. See their smiles.
  • Watch individuals lean forward in their seats as they hang on your each word.
  • Captivate the crowd. Make them glad they didn't miss your event.
  • Create a great talk in less time than watching a couple of sitcoms.
  • Stay on track without getting derailed. Keep your message tight.
  • Rest assured that what you share will make a long-term difference in the lives of the audience.
  • Help others transform their lives.
  • Motivate people to achievement.
  • Be accepted and find belonging as a speaker, not a wannabe.
  • Do more than just get through the speak, get good.

Successful public speaking consists of three elements:

1. Content. A message packed with practical, easy to remember and useful information.
2. Confidence. Knowing that what you share will be valuable and useful, and that you are the one to share it.
3. Connection. You must be able to draw the audience into the message. That's what brings the laughter, the tears, the standing ovations.
Not only will the combination of those three erase your fear, they will keep you from being dull and boring. And whatever you do - don't be dull and boring. Nothing's worse than looking into the audience's eyes...and they're closed!

Design Unforgettable Messages...

  • A step by step method that takes you from the very first word of your message to the last syllable. This is not the open, body of the message, close outline that is taught so prevalently. This is a seven step system that is not possible to mess up.
  • Discover the true meaning of communication and how it effects you. Just because one thing comes from an individual's mouth doesn't mean communication takes place.
  • The power of words. Do you keep in mind the nursery rhyme, "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words..." Never underestimate their influence again.
  • How to choose your topic. It's tough to speak when your invited with, "Just speak on anything, it doesn't matter. But make it good." You'll find out how to choose a winning topic.
  • Create winning titles on your own that will draw the audience to your talk even before you say a word. Or you could use...
  • Instant titles that let you plug in your subject get a ready made title in seconds.
  • Why some speakers are dull and others can't lose your attention.

Stop Saying "No" When You Are Asked to Speak

Download this system today and accept speaking engagements immediately. The reason the majority turn down a chance to talk is fear. They're afraid of not knowing what to say, or how to say it. That does not have to be you.Instant Speaking Success erases your excuses. It's practical, relevant, and real. These common questions will be answered:
Is it really possible to speak without being scared?
How do I find information on the subject?
How do I know what material to use?
How do I organize all this information?
Where do I notice good illustrations, examples, stories, statistics and other supporting resources - that are good, not the hokey stuff in most books?
What do I talk about?
Should I use notes, memorize my talk, or what?
You'll get those questions answered and a lot more.

Develop Unforgettable Messages...

  • 3 goals for every event and message. By weaving these three into every speech you will deliver the best message possible.
  • 2 myths of speaking - the truth is revealed! Most people buy into these myths as if they're true, but they're NOT!
  • The formula for bull's-eye speaking.
  • How many points do you need to make? Get the answer.
  • 5 premium places for research. From free to almost free. Don't think that getting ready for a great presentation has to be expensive.
  • How to determine the BEST of all the research you do so you don't make worthless points. A simple system for eliminating weak material.
  • 5 unforgettable ways to structure your points. Plus how to choose the right format for the group you are speaking to.
  • 3 sweet rules of illustrating. These will help you deliver the best punch for each point.
  • 25 ways to make your points come to life and where to find them. Links embedded in the text will click you right to the internet sources you need.
  • Smooth transitions to help you move between thoughts.
  • Why YOU need to share the message.
  • THE SECRET of effective, fearless speaking. Master this one principle and you will be a success everywhere you speak. It will turn a mediocre message into a miracle message.
  • False NOT to start your talk.
  • Twelve awesome ways to open.
  • 6 solid options for closing your message, so the audience will not only remember you, but will invite you back.
  • The Simple Seven Step System to public speaking Perfection can give you each tool you wish to craft and deliver audience-magnetizing messages. It does not matter if you've got never spoken in front of a group, or if you are on the professional circuit.
  • Instant Speaking Success is your road to nice speaking. All research and experiences are boiled down to a to the point method that anyone can follow. Literally, you get step by step directions for making speeches, talks, messages, whatever you want to call it.
  • "You will never get over your fear of public speaking until you can create confident talks that you can't wait to share and your audience can't wait to hear. I'll show you how - step by step."
Deliver Unforgettable Messages...
  • The 3 R's of unforgetfulness. Help the crowd remember.
  • How to get the most from your voice.
  • Learn about your audience and give them what they want.
  • A sure rule for dressing for the occasion.
  • Do's and Don'ts for gestures so you won't look foolish.
  • How to speak with passion.
  • How to practice your message and come across conversational.
  • The Irrefutable Laws of Speaking are sprinkled throughout. These communication maxims will elevate your effectiveness. These alone are worth the price of the package.
Advantages of Being a "Speaker"
  • Like writing a book, many people want to do it, but they don't have the courage.
  • When you're introduced people will say, "This is the speaker I told you about."
  • You become more valuable because your skills have increased.
  • Your confidence in all areas of life goes up because you are living what other people fear.
  • You will discover what motivates people and you can use that knowledge in front of groups and one on one.
  • Extra money won't be a problem when people start paying you to speak.
  • You'll become more comfortable in a variety of situations.
  • Others will admire your ability to speak to an audience. They will ask your advice and you will be able to help others.
  • Even in our technological age the need for public speaking does not diminish. People will always rather see a person live, than on a screen.

 Great Speakers Are NOT Born, They're Made...


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