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Friday, August 16, 2019

Quotes by Stuart Goldsmith

                                             Quotes by Stuart Goldsmith

Stuart Goldsmith
Stuart Goldsmith
Empowerment definition"Start today. Procrastination is the thief of time. Winners start right now. Losers chatter to themselves that they will start 'one day real soon.' It never happens."

American dream definition"Dream of a brighter tomorrow. Your yearning power is more important than your earning power."

Realism definition"Be rational. Mysticism is your mortal enemy. There are obvious, logical steps between here and your dreams. Write them down in bite-sized chunks and follow them like a route map."

Creativity definition"Every honest man and woman should earn their own living in the free trade of values with other humans. One of the best ways to become wealthy is to create values which didn't previously exist."

Leadership quotation"An aspiring millionaire never blames anything or anyone but themself for the circumstances of their life."

Leadership definition"Winners view the world as mainly benevolent with some bad bits. Losers see the world as mainly malevolent with some good bits."

Sad quote"Most people are negative, hopelessly entrenched sceptics. They will bring you down. They will laugh. They will scoff. They want to destroy your confidence. Why? If you succeed, that means they have to do something - and they don't want that. It's easier to knock YOU down to size."

Dream quote"Anything is achievable if you break it down into 'bite-sized' steps."

Definition of philosophy"No amount of effort on your part will overcome a faulty philosophy. If, deep down, you believe that wealth is a sin or that money is dirty, or wicked then the first step is for you to correct this error or give up all hopes of wealth for you and your family."

Goal quote"To achieve even the smallest goal requires discipline, work, and focus; all three in some measure. How do you think people react when faced with a contract containing the words 'discipline,' 'work' and 'focus'? Why, they break out into a cold sweat. Their hands tremble and seem unable to grasp the pen. They go to sign, then draw back, then go to sign again. Suddenly, they feel faint. The pen slips from their numbed hand and clatters to the floor. They'll sign that contract one-day real soon now - perhaps tomorrow..."

Motivationalk quotation"Act. All is dust without action. Action is the key."

Change quotation"Any goal that you can think of, large or small, basically reduces to the statement: 'I hereby promise to change in the following way...' We all fear change - it is the unknown. Fear stops us dead in our tracks."

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