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Monday, August 5, 2019

Role of a Mentor

Role of a Mentor

Role of a Mentor
Role of a Mentor

Let’s discuss the ideal role of a mentor, what makes a good mentor, and how to find a mentor.

Role of a Mentor
When analyzing the mentor's role, a good place to start is by remembering that a mentor is like a coach.
If you have ever played any type of sport and had a coach, you probably have some grim memories of really intense practice sessions where you questioned if you might die from exhaustion at any moment. Remember the movie “Miracle” about the 1980 US Olympic men's ice hockey team? The brutal on-ice workouts by head Coach Herb Brooks conditioned his players not just physically but also mentally, which was even more important. This conditioning led them to take out Russia and go on to win the gold medal. Still today this is one of the most inspiring stories in olympic history for the United States.
Coach Brooks played the role of a mentor in the lives of these young hockey players and inspired them to reach for greatness. This story also has touched the lives of many others who have heard of their story.
The role that a mentor plays is not a role that seeks favor, appreciation, or praise. Contrary, the role of a mentor is meant to simply condition you to be able to overcome whatever obstacles you may encounter on the way to reaching your goals.

What makes a Good Mentor?
A good mentor is someone who has the ability and intuition to push you out of your comfort zone and test you in areas that will reveal your weaknesses, even though you may not realize you have them.
A good mentor will expose you to yourself and know how to turn your weakness into a conscious work to overcome on your part. If you choose to embrace this change under your mentor’s direction, it often turns into the greatest asset you have. If a mentor can help you achieve at a higher level while at the same time positively impacting other people, that’s what makes a good mentor.

How to find a Mentor
Finding a mentor may be one of the most important decisions you make in your quest to be the best you can be and excel in whatever area you apply yourself.
How to find a mentor can be simple if you know what you are looking for, but it will take some thinking on your part. Remember that you must know what you want before you can seek help in reaching your goals.(See Goal Setting Guidelines.) A mentor doesn't need to physically be there with you or even have a conversation with you. They may not even know that you're following them, but you can study their lives and emulate what is admirable in their character. You can study their habits and read or listen to what they have said.
There are a few questions to ask yourself as you begin your search for the right mentor.
* Do you need mentorship to complete or accomplish a specific one-time goal, or do you need someone who can be a mentoring model in your walk through life in a broader scope?
* Do you need one-on-one, face-to-face help? or can you "adopt" a mentor through reading their writings or listening to their audio recordings?
Once you realize your need, it will make it that much easier to know how to find a mentor for you. It will also help you to express yourself more clearly to a potential mentor if you have a good understanding of what you're looking to accomplish.
Seek out every avenue you know to find the person who has been most successful in the area in which you are seeking to succeed. It is up to you to pursue their help, so reach out - Call them, e-mail them, go visit them - Whatever it takes! Have a clear definition of what it is you want to accomplish and what kind of help you need. If they are not personally accessible to you for mentorship, ask them to refer you to someone else. Take their suggestions and pursue them until you find the right mentor for you.
Be patient - it will be well worth the find!
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