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Friday, August 23, 2019

Secret of your motivation-Making Changes Can Get You Motivated

Why Making Changes Can Get You Motivated

Making Changes Can Get You Motivated
People tend to be creatures of habit. We do not look forward to changes and usually changes in our lives or daily routines can upset our balance. Children are especially upset with changes in daily routine. Ever seen a two year old without an afternoon nap? Adults are no different. Changes are however, a part of life. Changes can be good, though. Changes are often the reason why many people are motivated.

Many people are motivated by changes in their lives. The changes they experience might be small, such as adding a new pet to the family or getting a new hair cut or style. Or, there could be more life-changing experiences such as moving, getting married or having a baby. Some changes can cause serious stress in emotions and people can become resistance to change. There are ways to channel 

the emotions surrounding a change and become more motivated.

Change can get you motivated to something or change something in your life. By definition, motivation means the mental force that causes change or the reason why a person works towards a goal or accomplishment. It is usually agreed that unsatisfied needs or situations causes people to become motivated. A change that can cause a person to become more motivated to do something that is beneficial is desirable. For example, if you just had your first baby, you may find that this life-changing event is the perfect time to motivate yourself to change careers or to save money so that you can stay at home. Maybe you get laid off from your job and suddenly find yourself unemployed. This change in your life, while it can be quite stressful and upsetting, can motivate you to change careers or go back to school to further your education. Many people will tell you that they are motivated to do something because there has been some kind of change in their life.

After you have realized that you have the perfect opportunity to change or to get yourself motivated to change, you have seized the moment. If you do not take the time and motivate yourself right away, you might find that your motivation will slip away. It is very important use the opportunity from this change in your life and makes a difference in your life and those around you. Even if you are dealing with small changes in your life, these can still be used to motivate you to make even more changes that will benefit.

Another reason why change can motivate people is because change often causes stress. Stress is very real and some people have a difficult time dealing with the stress. When a person experiences a change in their life, they can be very resistant. Usually, change is coupled with a fear of the unknown or the unexpected. Every person is different when they deal with change. Those who are easily motivated by change are able to perceive change and channel that energy in a positive way. Those who have difficulty with change are usually not well equipped to deal well with that change in their lives. As a result they may not be motivated at all.

Some people are better equipped to deal with change when they know what to expect out of a situation. For these people, their motivation may come out of learning what changes they will face. One example might be moving. If a person lives in one city all of their life, they may not want to move and resist moving to another area. They might be motivated to research the area where they are moving to so that they can deal better with the change of a new place or city. Because motivation comes in many different forms, change is one way many people will be motivated.

Another type of change that can cause a person to be motivated is when someone is asked to change his or her opinion or point of view about a certain subject. Most people are extremely resistant to changing their thought patterns and onions. When they are asked to do so, some people may immediately shut down. Others that are better equipped to deal with changes may be motivated to look at another point of view more objectively.
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