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Friday, August 23, 2019

Solutions for Quit Smoking-motivation

 Five Motivational Tips to Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking-motivation
Quit Smoking-motivation 
Was one of your New Years Resolutions to quit smoking? What motivates you to quit smoking? Nagging by your spouse is rarely a motivation to quit smoking. Trust me, I know. It takes a lot of resolve to kick the smoking habit and it isn't easy. You not only miss the effects of the nicotine, but the habit is there and if you've smoked for a long time, its well fixed in both body and mind.

No matter why you have decided to stop smoking, you will probably need help. Several products on the market can help you kick the habit. You can pick up at most any drugstore patches, gum, and mints. You may substitute hard candy when the desire to smoke hits you. If you're worried about weight gain, try sugarless candy or fresh veggies. Its important to fill

your hands and mouth with something to help you not reach for that cigarette.

Motivation is important if you want to kick the habit. Your motivation might be a new baby in the home, being pregnant and wanting a healthy baby, early signs of lung cancer, or the onset of heart disease are all good physical motivational reasons. Maybe you just dont want to smell like an old ashtray all the time. Better yet, maybe your significant other is complaining about kissing that ashtray! What ever your motivation is, its a great goal and it can be obtained. Below you will find some motivational hints to keep you going and help you with your new quit smoking resolution.

Get involved with other people that want to quit. Answer to someone, even if you have to find a support group on the Internet. There are forums and discussion boards that help smokers quit. When you are answering to someone, you are more likely to be choosier about making that one slip. Being accountable to someone is one of the best motivational factors I've found for any difficult task you have.

Talk about quitting with someone. This also helps to hold you accountable. If you are slowing down in preparation to quitting, you can write down how many you have had that day, and try to reduce it by one or two the next day. If youve told someone youre quitting, that makes it more likely you will succeed. After all, you dont want to look bad in front of family and friends.

Make a chart of your progress and set small goals. If you currently smoke two packs a day, limit yourself to a packet and a half for the next day. If you cant do that, try just cutting back two cigarettes a day. Keep going and keep track. When you get discouraged, you can look at your chart of progress and see how far youve come and how much closer you are toward your goal.

Give yourself a reward when you've reached a goal. Rewards work for teachers, parents, and employers and they can work for you. If you make a goal to go from two packs a day, and you reach one pack, give yourself a treat. Go out for an evening, buy yourself a new outfit, or calculate how much money youve saved and get that software youve been wanting for your computer

Keep yourself busy and take time to have fun. If you've slowed down or already quit no doubt youre feeling better. Take the time to do something you've wanted to do for a while. Maybe its attending a ball game, or taking your kids on a trip to the zoo, or maybe it could be an overnight get-away with your significant other. Keeping busy and active will also help by not allowing your mind and body to dwell on the fact youre quitting smoking.

If you have been toying with the idea of kicking the tobacco habit, nows the time to start. Look at the above five motivational tips and just like the Nike ad, Just Do It!

Here are the five again motivational tips once again. Get a support group, set small goals, keep a chart of your progress, reward yourself, and finally yet importantly, have fun.
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