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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Success! Believe You Can Succeed And You Will.

Believe You Can Succeed
And You Will.



Success means so many different things to so many different individuals. To some it means having a beautiful home, taking exotic vacations, travelling, financial security, personal prosperity, being looked up to by your piers, leadership, having a successful business or a close and loving family.
We all desire the best life has to offer. In my view, success really only comes down to a couple of things. You need the right Mindset and above all, you need Faith.

Think Success To Get Success...

What ever you do, don't think failure. When your faced with a difficult situation, don't let it overcome and defeat you. Stop and think to yourself, "I'll win."
You'll be faced with challenges everyday in what ever your pursuits are throughout life. Don't think defeat.
Believe you are equal to the best and you'll soon discover the ability within yourself to overcome lifes obstacles. Success is NOT based on luck.
Successful people are just ordinary people who have developed a belief within themselves and what they are setting out to do.
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Believe Big.

This may sound like you've heard it before. But the size of your success is determined by your ability to believe big. The bigger your belief in yourself, the more confidence you'll have and ultimately the bigger your success will be.
Remember this! Big ideas and big goals are no more difficult than small ideas and small goals. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. So go ahead... set yourself big goals.

Use Affirmations.

I have personally found affirmations to be a great tool in keeping a clear focus on a goal. There are so many books out there to give you ideas on what to use as an affirmation.
Personally I have found the power of prayer to be the best tool in affirming my purpose and belief.
The most powerful book I have ever read, besides the Bible (and I haven't read all of it yet) was a book written by my favorite writer.
His name was Norman Vincent Peale. I read his book called The Power of Positive Thinking.
This book is filled with positive affirmations and prayers. If there was any book beside the Bible I would recommend. This would be it.