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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The How to Get What You Want(self-confidence)

The How to Get What You Want(self-confidence)

This series started off with a lovely introduction  by saying the  drive to become a winner is part of who we are; the effect of winning is quiet profound that it gives us an  euphonic, ecstatic feelings similar  to the chemical rush as we get from sex.  I thought how awesome! Don’t we all love the feeling of euphoria?

They  however emphasized the need to change our attitude to attain this goal  to become a winner. Some examples were cited. They went on to talk about ,what they had called the “locus of control”; this is how  a person perceives their sense of control in events. For instance,  person A may perceive themselves as always lucky and person B perceives themselves as  unlucky. They concluded that perceiving ourselves as a winner does not necessarily always makes us a winner at all times but this mental attitude of optimism certainly works and is required.  

To Become a Winner  amongst others is about:

 Being positive
Being confident.
 Being  optimistic  but not pessimistic.
Being open minded this can  lead  us to new opportunities.
 Being  able  to Thinking differently.
Being able to spot and identify opportunities where others don’t.
It takes Drive,Determination and Execuction. It is advisable to start off initially  with  baby steps as needed and  be consistent coupled  with the right attention to details to become a winner . 
 They went on to talk about giving attention to details and highlighted the need to know our strengths and weakness and where to direct our energy. Do your SWOT (Strength, Weakness Opportunities and Threats).  Looking deeply at your SWOT allows you to identify areas that needs work, in order to move on and attain this  goal of become a winner. For instance, T which represents threats -   could mean  lack of confidence. If that’s the case then doing nothing, is not the solution but to persistently work on building confidence is.

How to Become a Winner – How to Get what you want 

1, Hard work; here they gave an example of 100,000 hours of practice. Although it sounds crazy but these  hours contribute a great deal as  we build up on them ; we perfect our skills with practice !
2, Exhibiting the true characteristics of a winner  by being confident, presumptuous and charismatic ; . They gave a lovely example in football of Jose Mourinho, ex-manager of Chelsea who showed such courage and fearlessness in securing the English football premiership back to back (twice).He confidently predicted his success even before winning these accolades.
3, Stay on trackKeep  the fire burning and maintain  the momentum!
4, Visualization, Be a big picture thinker and project your hope into the unknown future. This is a skill I’m confident works and I am now perfecting myself in this area.
 So guys this is just about most of what I  have picked up watching “ How to  Become a winner”; It does not always have to be linked to Wealth & Fortunes! I personally feel it could also be  strongly  linked to anything from helping others to being in good health and happiness. The other side of winning is losing  and that does not make anyone a loser; it’s just a fact of life! Most winners have lost in the past but  are able pick themselves up and not dwell  on  their loss.  So when we do lose it is an opportunity to put our loss into perspective, regroup, be realistic, learn from it and move on.. That’s the winner attitude!
So if you do  have remember to tune in, each series  is different  and I belief will be informative and educational. Use a search engine (preferably Google) to acquire the viewing times in your area. Otherwise I hope the above has given you  some insight into to how to become a winner.

P.S Don’t forget to share your own ideas  

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