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Saturday, August 3, 2019

What is Active Listening

How to Teach Your Child to be an Emphatic Listener
Active listening is a vital skill to teach kids. Like any other aspect in the first few years in a child's life, learning accurate listening at a young age can make a tremendous difference to kids both throughout their adolescence and into adulthood.
Active listening is such an important part of everyday life – defining the difference between listening and just hearing! Implementing certain techniques and patterns into a child's mind from an early age can contribute to their memory strength and future success.

Listening and Children

Listening and children are two words that need to go together more often. These important listening techniques can easily be taught by playing simple games and doing exercises with children – making their learning experience fun and the methods, memorable.
Although the ability to hear is one of the five natural senses, the ability of actually listening is developed and strengthened over time. Actively teaching and consistently testing your child's skills in this area can be a great way to spend some quality time with your little one while giving them a lifelong tool! What could be better than the satisfaction of knowing you helped benefit your child's life?

Toys and Active Listening

Developing active listening has become more popular amongst toy manufacturers, as over the years, the selection of different educational audio toys has noticeably increased. Thus making it a bit easier for parents to find the toys and tools that best suits their children s individual learning style.
Among st the most popular of the educational toy selection has been the worldwide Dora the Explorer craze! Since most children have an exceptional fascination with bright colors and harmonious sound, Dora and her Pals have done an amazing job helping parents embed learning skills in their child's life.
This franchise has not only mastered the combination of audio and visual learning styles, but have implemented it so effectively that just from hearing certain words, they remember and have learned a foreign language – amongst many other life lessons. Dora provides ideas such as associating songs with household chores and accomplishments – before they are even old enough to understand the educational value.